Our clients have 24/7 secure and protected access to us and to the details of their legal matter using MyCase, a private and secure client portal which creates an encrypted link between our client management system and our clients.

MyCase gives each of our clients a separate, private and secure website where we can share the calendars, documents, and billing details of each case with each client. Additionally, every item uploaded by our staff and by our clients into MyCase has a comment stream associated with it. Both the attorney and the client can use the comment stream to give status updates and leave comments. When that happens, real-time notifications are sent to all relevant parties, thus ensuring that everyone is kept up-to-speed about what is going on with each case and thereby guaranteeing that our clients are always aware of the progress of their case.

Furthermore, MyCase is the most secure way to protect attorney-client communication. Recent case-law has held that the attorney-client privilege may be waived if a client uses an unsecure method of communication. This could include not only emailing an attorney using a person’s work computer or a shared computer which anyone else has access to, but it could even include calling an attorney on an employer’s telephone or with any other unsecured telephone. Additionally, cell phone communications have been intercepted in the past, and therefore the privilege could be waived by something as simple as using a cell phone to discuss privileged information with an attorney.

In order to avoid any potential problems, we have begun using the MyCase client portal to guarantee privacy with all communications between ourselves and our clients. MyCase, in addition to providing our clients with access to relevant court dates and documents in real-time, allows our clients to communicate directly with us in a safe and secure manner–thus ensuring protection of the attorney-client privilege. Our clients can send us secure messages and upload protected documents to us directly from within the MyCase portal, thereby eliminating the danger and risks associated with sending sensitive and privileged information through unsecure email addresses across the Internet.

Additionally, all information stored in the MyCase system is transmitted using the same 128-bit SSL encryption used by health-care providers, banks and other financial institutions. The information is then stored on the Amazon S3 system using 256-bit AES encryption.  S3 storage systems are distributed throughout the country in nondescript facilities which are protected by military grade perimeters where physical access to the hardware is strictly controlled by two-factor authentication and 24-hour security escorts (additional information regarding these security precautions is available here).

Finally, each and every document stored in our MyCase system is encrypted using a new and unique encryption key for each individual document, thus providing an additional layer of security. In other words, no unauthorized persons can get to our client data, and even the ones with physical access can’t do anything with it because it is encrypted beyond their ability to view it.

Unlike with many law firms, our clients do not sit around wondering what is going on with their case, they know! To use our MyCase portal, and have 24/7 access to all of the important details of your case any time you desire along with protected and private communication with us, we must first create a new private portal for you. So, the first step in getting access to MyCaseon our system is to notify us that you want access.

This is achieved by providing us with your email address, as your email address will function as your user name on the system. Once we have confirmed the validity of the email address, and that you are the person requesting access to your own matter, an account will then be created. Once that is completed, a confirmation email will automatically be sent to you, providing you with instructions for completing the sign-up process.

The confirmation email will look like this:

Once you click the link to activate your account, a webpage will open allowing you to choose a password.  It will look like this:

After choosing a password, you will then be asked to confirm your address:


After updating your address, you will be taken to your new client homepage:

From the homepage, you can access your calendar events, upload and download documents related to your case, send and read secure communications between us and yourself, and access billing information, if any.  If you owe an outstanding balance, you can view that information here and even make payments online.

When a new event, document or comment is added to your case, you will receive an email notifying you that something has been added to your case.  The email will look like this:


You will notice that none of the confidential details of the event, document or comments are sent using an unsecure email. The email simply notifies you that you need to log in and access the new information using the secure, encrypted client portal.

Once you log back in, the event appears under your calendar page like this:


Once you view the calendar entry, you can review details of the event – including whether your appearance at the event is required or not!

Additionally, the system is designed to send you an email reminder (and you can choose when and how often you want those reminders, as well).  An email reminder for an event you will be required to attend will look like this:

I have added the red box to show you where to look for attendance requirements.  If you are not required to attend, the email reminder will look like this:

Should you have any questions about the MyCase portal, please do not hesitate to ask.