Mediation Services

Jeff Parker is one of Central Texas' most-qualified mediators—capable of working with parties involved in complex civil litigation, family law and child protective services cases.

As a mediator, Jeff works to promote meaningful understanding and engagement between the parties themselves, and an understanding of the law and procedures applicable to the type of case being mediated in order to promote a thorough weighing of the risks involved in further litigation of the matter.

Jeff has almost twenty years experience representing both individuals and businesses in their times of need. He has successfully negotiated positive results for his clients time-and-time again, as well as representing his clients in jury trials and administrative hearings when matters cannot be settled. What this means is that Jeff is able to evaluate your case and present a reasonable explanation of all of the available courses of action and likely outcomes. This invaluable insight is what leads so many parties to appreciate having selected Jeff as their mediator, as it leads to a greater likelihood of matter resolution during the mediation process.

In addition to the practical experience necessary to evaluate a case, Jeff has the education and training to be the mediator who can resolve your case, regardless of complexity. 

Jeff not only completed the 40-hour Basic Mediation training course, but the 30-hour Advanced Family Mediation training course as well as the 20-hour Child Protective Services training course. While the basic training which all mediators must complete covers matters of personal injury, employment law, intellectual property disputes, and other multi-party civil law conflicts; the additional training focuses specifically on family law, family dynamics, domestic violence, child development, along with ethical and practical considerations and finances in family law cases. Further training covered childhood trauma, parent dynamics, ethical issues, and the legal framework of CPS cases, in particular. This additional training satisfies the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable requirements for mediators doing court-ordered CPS mediation.

If you would like to schedule Jeff Parker as your mediator, please follow this link to automatically schedule your matter on his calendar. Rates are available upon request, including consideration for pro bono mediation services. If you should need a location, Jeff has three conference rooms at his Belton office available for use, or you can schedule the mediation at your office or any other location which you might prefer.

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