The Bell County misdemeanor and felony courts (and associated departments) are located at 1201 Huey Road, Belton, Texas 76513. This is the same complex where the Bell County Jail is located.

Here is a Google Map showing the entrance from Loop 121 onto Huey Road:


Once you arrive at the intersection above, you can see the complex over to the East.  The turn onto Huey Road looks like this:

As you can see, the street sign indicates it is the 1200 block of Huey Road (even though Google thinks it is Huey Drive).  It intersects with the 2200 block of Loop 121.

Once you enter onto Huey Road, you’ll drive just a short bit to get to the entrance to the complex.

The complex consists of the county and district courts, the county and district prosecutors, the county and district clerks, the Indigent Defense department, the Pretrial Services department, the Bell County Jail, adult probation, and the Justice of the Peace for Precinct One.

There is only one public entrance for the entire building, and there are deputies on duty manning the metal detectors, so keep that in mind before attempting to enter the building with something you shouldn’t, or before wearing that outfit covered in metal.

The Justice Complex is typically very busy right before court begins each morning, and can be a nightmare on Monday mornings when the parking lot is full of potential jurors, defendants, lawyers and the rest of the public trying to fit through the bottleneck which having just one entrance causes.  The lesson there is: “be early.”  If you want to get through the metal detectors as quickly as possible, try to have as little metal on you as possible. 

NOTE: If you are looking for the Bell County Jail, you would simply turn to your right after you enter, and then just keep driving as far as you can.  Eventually you’ll run into the jail.  The entrance is in the corner, and you’ll have to walk a bit across a little foot bridge to get there.