Here is a PDF containing both the Bell County, Texas criminal misdemeanor and felony dockets for next week (sorted by the name of the defense attorney, unrepresented defendants are at the end sorted by the name of the defendant):

May 20, 2019 - May 24, 2019

NOTE: This combined docket contains the district felony docket, the county misdemeanor docket (the “2C” docket) [including criminal municipal and criminal justice of the peace court appeals], the county "3C" DWLI docket, and the county hot check docket (the “CC” docket). Unfortunately, due to incompatible formatting of the docket, the jury docket calls for felony court still need to be looked up separately. The dockets also do not include the county courts' new case dockets or the district courts’ grand jury (newly indicted) dockets, as those dockets do not contain court dates for the current/upcoming week.